Body, Mind, & Spirit Healing through Acu-Current

Acu-Current is a method of stimulating Acupuncture points
through a mild electrical impulse.  It is completely needle-free!

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Body Scan:

An initial scan of the body is done with an EMI computerized examination.  The procedure is completely painless.

Electro Meridian Imaging Scan

The EMI is a Meridian Measurement & Diagnostic System to determine the points with imbalances.


Follow-Up Treatment:

The first choice procedure performed by countless medical professionals worldwide for treating chronic and acute pain, the Stimplus Pro stimulates the acupuncture points electronically, and without needles!  It is effective in treating all types of illnesses, pain, stress, and more.


  • Complete Scan & Treatment:  $90.00
  • Follow-up Treatments:  $30.00
  • Repeat Scans:  $50.00 (every three months, but not required)


“Regina, I can’t believe how much you helped my lower back! I’m relieved I can walk straight again. LOL Thank you!”

~ Brian

“I feel so relaxed after my treatment. It’s amazing! My stress level comes way, way down. You’re great!”

~ Janet

“I wasn’t really sure this needle-free stuff was going to help, but I gave it a shot, and it worked! Thanks”

~ Robert