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Relaxing in a Hectic World

by Regina Yegge

Life goes quickly sometimes, or so it seems.  The smooth days are easy.  It’s the hectic times, when the clutch keeps jumping and the car chokes along. I need to take […]

Created from the All

by Regina Yegge
Abstract background

These are the thoughts I contemplate today. The universe has no beginning and no end.  It is ever expanding.  There are no corners, or walls, or endings.  It is beyond […]

Thought Process & Success!

by Regina Yegge

Too often we fall into negative thinking.  Because of this earthly life and it’s human challenges, it can be easy to fall prey to thoughts of lack and limitation. I […]

To Pray Or Not To Pray

by Regina Yegge
Praying Woman

Pray.  A personal relationship with Spirit.  It is an expression of faith in the Divine.  It is a connection to the Energy that is Love and only Love.  Love expresses […]

Breathe, Relax, & Trust

by Regina Yegge

Your Daily Affirmation: You are filled with, and surrounded by, Divine Energy.  It moves through you with abundant wealth; vibrant health; deep abiding love; and the unlimited fullness of life.  […]

The Birth of the Christ Consciousness

by Regina Yegge

In this Easter season with the messages of our religious upbringings.  We experience conflicting messages, that we heard growing up, as we begin to experience this new way of seeing […]

Healing Waters

by Regina Yegge

71 percent of the earth is water.  50-65% of the human body is water.  We are carried in our mother’s womb in water.  We are reminded frequently that our body […]

Attracting Romantic Love

by Regina Yegge

I have many clients contact me for psychic readings and psychic advice on love & relationships.  There are so many layers of issues that get in our way of attracting […]

Be Gentle With Yourself

by Regina Yegge

We all have times when we are impatient with ourselves and our spiritual progress.  We forget that we are the perfect expression of the Divine.  We were born into this […]

Each new day, a day of Inspiration

by Regina Yegge
follow your bliss - spiritual reminder

Our minds can be cluttered with negativity.  We can be drawn into an energy of doom and gloom.  It’s so important to begin each new day with positive thoughts and […]